My Story

I grew up on a farm in southwest Nebraska and always had a love for animals, livestock and anything that had to do with agriculture. I showed cattle nationwide and knew that my career path would eventually circle back to my passion for the industry.
After high school I enrolled in the Agriculture Education program at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and while I loved FFA and educating others about the importance of agirculture, at the end of my freshman year I decided that teaching wasn’t going to be my forte.
I changed my major to Agriculture Communication in the late spring of 2006 and fell in love with advertising and marketing. Between my junior and senior years, an internship was required for graduation and I was selected to work with “Shorthorn Country” – a breed publication based out of Omaha, Nebraska. I knew immediately that graphic design and editorial writing would be a definite part of my future.
I found that there was no better way to link the two loves of my life: design and livestock, than to provide graphic design and marketing services to the livestock industry. And thus, KC|Designs was born.
College wasn’t ALL about my education — my senior year, in a forage and range management class, I met my husband, Tim. We now live a mile south of where I grew up and have our own small herd of cows, a few horses, some barn cats and our Saint Bernard, “Taos.”

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